We are Calle Habana

A classy, modern live wedding band

Grupo musical para bodas, cantante para musica de bodas
Orquesta para bodas Calle Habana
Tecladista musica para boda
It all began...

Artistic career


It was 2001 and Carlos (Compota) was getting married, a group of musician friends gathered to surprise him at his Wedding and liven it up a little. All of that got a little out of hand and the Party lasted until 6 a.m., hehe. The truth is that we had a great time and no one wanted it to end, so much so that here we are today under the name of Calle Habana live wedding band.
Olay Deulofeu, a cuban Tres player and arranger of the band, continued to seek a balance between good taste in music and a blend of catchy songs to give continuity to the project. Along with Carlos Reyes (Compota), percussionist and friend, they decided to find a voice that identified with this idea and they found the perfect match in the voice of the singer and composer Javier Barrios who put charisma, grace and freshness to this inspiring mix. Javier had previously collaborated in several music projects with Olay and Carlos, performing in the major music halls of Barcelona and on several international tours.
Later Zurima Sanz joined the group, an experienced singer and composer that provided the much needed feminine touch and a voice full of energy and feeling, thus defining the true soul of this exceptional live wedding band.

Together they form this great group that grows day by day and never fails to impress the dancing public, with the rhythm and flavor of the authentic and undeniable Caribbean roots and the musical flavor of the Mediterranean, advocating for the party and the fun without losing the north of the good taste in music.
For this they have developed a few wedding packages where you will be able to find a wide variety of music genres that include styles like the Jazz, Bossa Nova, the Bachata and the Merengue, Spanish and International Pop up to the most famous successes of the 80s and 90s. Of course, as good Cubans, the Salsa is a key ingredient in this mix as well as the whole range of Latin music.
Calle Habana live wedding band is made up by Cuban professional musicians graduated in the most prestigious music schools in Havana. They have continued with the idea, since that Wedding afternoon in 2001, and they have made enormous progress always keeping the premise of having fun at each of their concerts. The orchestra has over 14 years of experience on stage and the extensive individual artistic career of its members with its beginnings in Cuba and consolidated in Barcelona with this enthusiastic project.


LIve Wedding Band in Barcelona

Specialists in music for Weddings and Events.


Professional Musicians

Extremely talented musicians, graduated in the most prestigious music schools in Havana, Cuba.


Great Repertoire

A repertoire with a large number of musical genres and more than 250 songs you will love and that will make you dance like never before.



More than 14 years on stage making all kinds of audiences dance to our music.

First of all, we are a group of friends

What’s better than working in what you like and also be surrounded by good friends? In Calle Habana, live wedding band, this is very evident, it is an added plus to meet every concert with the utmost enthusiasm and make all that positive energy reflect in our show.


Professional musicians who specialize in Weddings and Events at your disposal.

Orquesta para bodas, teclados Olay Deulofeu
Keyboards, Music Director and Management


Methodical and hard working is the main driver of new ideas and musical challenges for the band.

Grupo musical para bodas barcelona Calle Habana, cantante Javier Barrios
Lead vocal

Javier Barrios

Composer and singer with a wide range exceptional voice and an unmistakable style.

Orquestas para Bodas en Barcelona, Batería Carlos Reyes
Drums and Percussions

Carlo Reyes (Compota)

The rhythmic strut is the one in charge of marking the beats with the precision of a Swiss watch.

Grupo musical para bodas y eventos, cantante Zurima Sanz
Lead vocal

Zurima Sanz

An exceptional voice, with great strength and sweetness at the same time, it reflects the whole spirit of Calle Habana.



Companies we fully trust and with which we have had the pleasure of working.

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