Let the Party begin! Live upbeat music for the reception.

At the dance after the banquet, the music takes a back seat and becomes one of the essential elements of the wedding.
This moment is usually one of the best memories for guests and family members.

What better than a live band cheering and performing the best songs for weddings and your favorite tunes?
With our dance music, we guarantee that no one will leave early and without having danced.


  • Music for the Wedding Party
  • From 4 piece band
  • Audio equipment
  • Professional lighting

Suitable for:

  • Wedding party
  • Private party
  • Corporate events

Top Party Package

The most chosen package by the bride and groom

In this pack, our main objective is the music for wedding party, that everyone has a great time and that your wedding is a proper party.

We make all the guests participate in our show, interacting and cheering up with dance classes, contests, and the best songs for weddings.

We have a very varied repertoire, from the best Pop to the hottest Salsa, including the usual classics that cannot be missed. All this with an interpretation and a careful staging up to the smallest detail.

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What does this package include?

The most popular songs that everyone will undoubtedly dance to. Talent, lots of desire, and vast amounts of positive energy!

From 4 to 12 piece band format

Female singer + minor percussion, male singer + minor percussion, Keyboards + chorus, Drums + chorus.

A detailed staging

From the costumes of the musicians to the proper placement of instruments and sound equipment.

2H of dance show

Our main dish, Dance! A two-hour show divided into two sections of one hour each.

Professional audio equipment

Cutting-edge sound to guarantee a maximum sound quality of our show.

Professional LED lighting

Modern LED light towers + several lighting effects to achieve the perfect party atmosphere.

Professional smoke machine

A professional smoke machine to create spectacular effects; the liquid we used is odorless, biodegradable and non-toxic.

Songs you’ll love for sure

A customized song selection and full of variety. Everybody will dance, guaranteed!

Event planning

We schedule meetings with you to perform a detailed planning of your event and visit the place where the party will be held.

Transport and travel

All transportation and travel expenses are included as well as assembly hours.


Enjoy a professional wedding band. Get your quote now and we will provide you with all the options for your wedding or event.