The Most Emotive Wedding Ceremony

Now it’s your turn to start walking the path that will take you to the altar.

Could you imagine walking down the hall, and the only thing you heard in the background was the sound of your heartbeat? Surely not.

That is why the music for your wedding ceremony. It’s essential.

No other element of your celebration has the power to excite your guests and make them vibrate with this awaited moment, your beautiful union.


  • Violin & Guitar Duo
  • Violin & Piano Duo
  • Professional audio

Suitable for:

  • Civil Ceremony
  • Religious Ceremony

Live Ceremony Package

Songs that speak about you

In this pack, we will play those songs that have more meaning for you and adapt them in instrumental versions that will fill the atmosphere of this first great moment with emotions.

It is about highlighting each part of the event with the music but without making it too extensive so that the ceremony can focus on the most important thing, you.

We will play songs that you have chosen for Groom and Bride arrival, output and delivery of both rings. If you also want to highlight some other moments, we will be happy to please you.

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What does this package include?

The most romantic and emotional songs. Talent, lots of desire, and vast amounts of positive energy!

Guitar & Violin Duo

Guitar and violin duo integrated by professional musicians graduated from the best music schools. Acoustic or amplified version.

A detailed staging

From the costumes of the musicians to the proper placement of instruments and sound equipment.

Professional audio equipment

Cutting-edge sound to guarantee a maximum sound quality of our show.

Customized songs

Custom songs performed in the Unplugged version for the most special moments.

Available wireless microphone

We put at your disposal a microphone for the officiant and for the guests, nobody will be left without hearing the YES I want!

Event planning

We schedule meetings with you to perform a detailed planning of your event and visit the place where the party will be held.


Enjoy a professional wedding band. Get your quote now and we will provide you with all the options for your wedding or event.