Personalized music for the best moments of your wedding.

The day has come, your big day, a date for the celebration, and enjoy the excellent company of your family and friends. To dance, have fun and enjoy every moment of your wedding.
We don’t want you to miss any of those beautiful moments with any distraction; therefore, we have prepared this Plus Wedding Package that includes personalized music for each part of the event.

From the ceremony to the final party, we take care of everything. The usual question: Orchestra or DJ? …

But why not? ORCHESTRA and DJ? In the end, it is your wedding, your day, and you deserve it all.


  • Background music for the aperitif
  • Personalized music for the Banquet
  • Live Music for the Dance
  • Professional DJ for Disco

Suitable for:

  • Don’t worry about the music
  • Cocktail + Banquet + Party + Disc

Plus Wedding Package

Music for the best moments of your wedding!

We believe that music is the most sublime expression of our feelings, and the best moments of our lives should always have music.

We have prepared this package keeping this idea in mind cause we don’t want you to miss any detail of your big day or to be distracted by more information.

All the music of your celebration is customized, we can also coordinate everything with your Wedding Planner for a perfect synchronization of the event, and everything goes merely spectacular.

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What does this package include?

Custom music for your wedding. Talent, enthusiasm and a lot of positive energy!

Background music for the cocktail

Chill out, jazz and instrumental music style, at the appropriate volume so your guests can chat quietly.

Customized Music for the Banquet

Music on demand during the banquet; you can choose to play music at the entrance of the bride and groom, when dinning, cake cutting, bouquet, etc.

2H of Dance with Calle Habana

Our main dish, Dancing! Two hours of show with lots of motion and animation, amazing themes and even a dance contest.

2H Professional DJ

We offer a professional DJ with very fresh and interactive sessions that knows how to connect with and encourage your guests.

Available wireless microphone

You can use our sound equipment and wireless microphones to make calls or speeches.

A detailed staging

From the costumes of the musicians to the proper placement of instruments and sound equipment.

Professional audio equipment

Cutting-edge sound to guarantee a maximum sound quality of our show.

Professional LED lighting

Modern LED light towers + several lighting effects to achieve the perfect party atmosphere.

Professional smoke machine

A professional smoke machine to create spectacular effects; the liquid we used is odorless, biodegradable and non-toxic.

Songs you’ll love for sure

A customized song selection and full of variety. Everybody will dance, guaranteed!

Event planning

We schedule meetings with you to perform a detailed planning of your event and visit the place where the party will be held.

Transport and travel

All transportation and travel expenses are included as well as assembly hours.


Enjoy a professional wedding band. Get your quote now and we will provide you with all the options for your wedding or event.