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N o matter where you’re from, a beautiful Spanish wedding is always a good choice.

There’s something magical about an intercultural wedding, especially one that takes place in gorgeous Spain. A gathering of people from all different countries and backgrounds getting together to celebrate your love is going to be joyous, but also complicated.

One of the best ways to overcome the language and cultural barriers is through the communicative power of music. In this post, we’re going to help you choose 7 songs that’ll help you get your guests on their feet and dancing with one another.

Let’s not waste any more time. Here are your must-have songs.

7 Songs For Latin Lovers and Intercultural Guests.

Choosing songs for your wedding band to play might seem easy, but it’s not. If you’ve got guests coming from all over the world, you need to figure out a way to please them all. At the same time, you should stay true to the Spanish backdrop that you’ve chosen to profess your love in.

A healthy mix of worldwide pop hits and undeniable romance language bangers will appease everyone. At the end of the day, you want to be happy but you also want everyone to have a memorable time.

1. "Put a Ring On It" - Beyonce

This is a wedding classic and it’ll have the whole room dancing like Queen Bey herself. It’s got that chorus, it’s about love through the lens of female empowerment, and the beat just doesn’t stop.

​If you don’t have at least one Beyonce song on your wedding playlist, you’ve already failed.

2. "Felices Los 4" - Maluma

Maluma is one of Columbia’s biggest artists, having collaborated with the likes of Shakira, Ricky Martin, and Madonna. What we’re trying to say is, he’s a big deal and your Latin guests are going to know his songs.

His hit, “Felices Los 4” has been viewed on YouTube 1.5 billion times, so you must put it on your wedding playlist for everyone to slow dance to.

3. "Uptown Funk" - Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

Uptown Funk” was a worldwide hit and there’s nothing better than hearing a live band play it. Your entire wedding, old and young, will be up singing this with you. We’re not sure what it’s about, but it’s one of the best songs and it’ll unite the people.

4. "Despacito" - Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee

Mix it up a little bit with some Spanish language hip-hop and RnB. Daddy Yankee has become one of the premier hip-hop artists in the world, collaborating with Luis Fonsi on this hit, “Despacito”.

This song had major crossover appeal in the US and the UK, so every last one of your guests will be up dancing and having fun with one another.

5. "If I Ain't Got You" - Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys can sing and play like no one else, and her music moves a crowd. “If I Ain’t Got You” is the perfect tune for your first dance. Your guests may cry, but that’s alright—this is your day.

6. "El Reloj" - Luis Miguel

“El Reloj” is a Luis Miguel classic. If you don’t know who Luis Miguel is, then you’re probably not invited to this wedding. We’re just kidding, of course, but any Spanish wedding has to have some of this Puerto Rican born-Mexican crooner’s tunes on their song list.

This one is all about having your time run out with a new love. Luckily, now that you’re married, you’ll never have to worry about this happening to you.

7. "Shape of You" - Ed Sheeran

Closeout the night with some Ed Sheeran, but not the sad version of Ed Sheeran. “Shape of You” is about having fun with your new spouse, which will hopefully last for the rest of both of your lives.

Send your wedding guests off in style with this catchy and danceable pop hit.

Have Fun and Mix It Up

Collaborate with your wedding band to mix up the playlist so that there’s a little bit of everything for your Spanish wedding. The most important thing is that you love your playlist. Hopefully, your guests do too.

If you’re looking for an amazing band to help bring your wedding ceremony, first dance, and reception to life, choose Calle Habana. We’re a Barcelona-based cover band that specializes in weddings and other events.

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