Best Latin Dance Songs for Weddings. 

Just last year we saw Luis Fonsi's, Despacito break seven Guinness world records!

Why do these Latin hits strike such chord with the audience?.

As event performers, who've watched families from different cultures come together in Spain, we know that if there's one thing that unites people - it's dance.

And from my own personal experiences, I can tell you it's the Latin dance songs that are best able to create that transcendent energy among people.

So for those of you choosing to incorporate some Spanish tracks into your wedding or party playlists, I present to you my list of the best latin dance songs I know!

wedding couple dancing

1. La Bamba, by Los Lobos

It's just a pure, upbeat Spanish classic. 

2. Despacito, by Luis Fonsi

Yes, I'm captain obvious, but there's a reason this song broke all those records. If I'm going to talk about the best Latin dance songs, then I can't, in good conscience leave this out.

3. Vivir Mi Vida, by Marc Anthony

If it's good enough to be performed at the Latin Grammys, it's probably good enough for your wedding.

Vivir Mi Vida is one of those classic Spanish dance songs that just demands audience participation. It's got an incredibly catchy tune and is just a great track overall.

4. Escándalo, by La Sonora Dinamita

Suave, saucy and just the perfect song to play at an intercultural wedding.

This song perfectly represents everything that makes Latin music so easy to groove to.​​​​

5. La Vida es un Carnaval, by Celia Cruz

The thing that makes most Latin dance songs stand out is the rhythm. There's no better song to represent this than the mischievously quick-paced rhythm of La Vida es un Carnaval.

Wedding dance bachata

6. Danza Kuduro, by Don Omar ft. Lucenzo

A frequent feature in Billboard's Top Ten Latin songs, Don Omar never disappoints.

This song was a huge hit in Europe and a consistent essential on dance playlists. If you want to raise the energy on any dancefloor, this song should do the trick.

7. Loco, by Enrique ft. Romeo Santos

What do Enrique and Bachata have in common? They've both had an interesting evolution over the years.

Enrique has always branded himself as the romantic, dreamy artist, and with loco he definitely managed to get that across in typical bachata fashion.

8. Bailando, by Enrique Iglesias ft. Gente de Zona

The song became an international success both in places of Spanish speech and in North America and several countries of Europe. He obtained the number 1 in Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Dominican Republic and in the Hot Latin Songs of Billboard.

In the United States, more than one million copies were sold, so it was certified with the platinum record Worldwide, it achieved sales of eight million, making it the tenth best-selling song of 2014.

This reggaeton hit is a great song to play at any event that involves a dance floor and is one of the best latin dance songs in the last decade.

9. Let's Get Loud, by Jennifer Lopez

A great success of the exuberant Jennifer Lopez, a song full of energy and that evokes the catchy rhythm of Chachacha, you will see how everyone stands up to dance this musical genre so simple and fun for everyone.

And that ends our list of, what I consider, the best Latin dance songs.

Agree? Or agree to disagree? Drop-in a comment and let me know!

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