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Being home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site is an amazing asset for any destination. Barcelona has no less than nine World Heritage Sites. This is a corporate event destination with amazing credibility.

Are you planning a corporate event in Spain? You need to orchestrate a successful event that delivers on every level. Read on to learn how to take your event to the next level.

Corporate Event Management

Getting a corporate event right means balancing a whole litany of different sometimes competing factors. All the stakeholders have expectations and there are a million and one things to do. It’s important to get some focus.

Start by getting the venue right. The venue has to be the right fit for the event. That’s not just about size but also a great fit for the organization’s values, culture, and expectations.

Then you need engaging speakers. Either you recruit great speakers or the ones you have need coaching. They need to be able to carry their audience with them.

Provide opportunities for people to network. That’s why people are attending. By whatever means that is facilitated, don’t skimp on the time given to networking.

Have a clear vision for what attendees should be getting from the event. Craft the content to deliver that vision.

Provide opportunities for involvement. A Q and A session isn’t enough. It needs to be engaging, interactive, and involving.

Here’s how to make all this a reality.

Event music band

1. It's Barcelona!

The venue makes a huge difference. Barcelona has all the boxes ticked.

Not only are there great locations to choose from but you also have Barcelona as the most awesome backdrop you could imagine. Your attendees will be blown away by the place.

There’s amazing architecture. Gaudi and Jujol providing the most impressive contributions but they’re not alone. This is a city bursting with creativity and character.

Whatever location you choose, think about the impact arriving, staying, and exploring will have on the event attendees. Barcelona has great shopping, art galleries, beaches, and visitor attractions. Just take a short walk along La Rambla and you’ll appreciate how the locals have made a stroll around the shops a unique cultural experience.

Music can communicate the sense of a place more effectively than almost anything. Choose to have the music of Spain as your event theme tune and you’ll evoke an incredibly strong local identity.

Spain’s music is so much more than Flamenco. Spain has a rich music culture that includes jazz, classical, fandango, and even Latin pop.

2. Communicate Quality

To make your corporate event successful you should be sure to have it communicate your values. That’s not just about what’s said by speakers or in your publicity material. You communicate so much more by what you do rather than just what your speakers say.

If quality is part of your corporate values then your corporate event should communicate quality at every turn. Take entertainment. Get it wrong and you let the whole event down.

It’s tempting to cut corners in the entertainment you arrange. A cheap DJ or band is just filling a gap between other more important items on the agenda. Right?

Wrong. Low quality, unprofessional acts let the event down and let you down. They undermine the quality message and let your attendees know that attention to detail is not important.

Recruit top-quality corporate event entertainment with a solid reputation and you’re saying that quality is important and that’s not only at this corporate event. It’s also important for the company, customers, and employees.

Live band for corporate events

3. Involve and Engage

You know that involving people helps to engage them. You want them to do more than attend the event. You want them to commit to the messages.

Even though you know this, it’s not always obvious how to involve people. Sometimes people seem to attend events in a passive mode. They listen but don’t get involved and don’t emotionally connect.

Top entertainers understand this phenomenon. They are able to do more than play music. They excite, involve, and engage an audience. Just watch how a really good entertainer can get people up on their feet, singing along, and participating in the experience.

Set the tone for your event by having musical entertainment that engages people.

Live corporate event show

4. Build the Team

When team building is part of the vision for your corporate event it can be a challenge to achieve this. Conventional presentations no matter how worthy the content, don’t necessarily create a team spirit.

A team spirit can be engendered by a shared experience. The more exciting the experience, the more it can create a lasting bond between those that shared the emotional experience.

Listening to music and especially live music is an emotional experience. Sharing this with others helps bond people together. Latic music, perhaps more than most music forms, is passionate and so perfect for a team-building experience.

Corporate party

5. Make it Special

Are you making your attendees feel special? Nothing says to a corporate event attendee that they are important than giving them a great time. The event is about them so make it special and you’ll be saying their special to you too.

6. Make it Memorable

Your investment in a corporate event can be substantial. The attendees are investing their time and attention too. You need it to leave people with a lasting impression and that means making it memorable.

Does your current event agenda suggest that the event will leave attendees with a lasting memory of the event? If not, you need something that will mark out the event as different from the typical predictable corporate event.

Why not, while in Barcelona, have the event topped off with amazing music of the region. It will have a strong impact on people’s memory of the performance and also of the event.

Motivate event

7. Motivate and Excite

A corporate event should motivate and excite people. You need to lift people’s moods and morale as well as present them with a vision.

Exciting music, emotional songs, and dramatic presentation does just that. It’s difficult to be downbeat while the band is so exciting and everybody around you is responding to the beat.

Put It All Together

Putting these top corporate event tips into practice will deliver an amazing event. Start with the venue. It’ll be a fabulous show.

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