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While many people opt to have their wedding in the summer months, winter is also a fantastic time to celebrate your nuptials. There is something about the crisp and fresh winter air that is magical, and many people prefer the sparse landscape at this time of the year to the lush landscape in the warmer months.

However, planning a winter wedding means there are some extra things to think about. The following ideas and tips will help you plan a fantastic winter wedding to remember.

Organization: Start Making Lists

The organization is one of the essential elements of planning a wedding at any time of the year, especially if you arrange it at the last minute. You must draw up a list of everything you need to arrange to keep track of the completed tasks and what you still need to organize.

It is also helpful to write a list of who you have available to help you with various tasks, and what resources you already have.

Winter wedding organization

Costs and Budget

It is rare to have an unlimited budget for a wedding, so you must work out a budget and then do not go over that figure. Keeping track of your spending is vital.

Either jot down all your costs in a notebook or start a wedding budget spreadsheet, whichever works best. In one column, list the sum allocated to each aspect of the wedding, from the venue to the bridal gown. As you buy an item or book a service, write down the actual cost in the next column.

It is crucial to remember that some aspects of a wedding have higher costs depending on the time of the year. For example, hiring a venue is potentially more expensive around the Christmas and New Year period. Likewise, if you choose flowers that are out of season, you will pay more

Delegation of Tasks

Organizing a wedding is a big task with lots of things to do. Don’t try to manage everything yourself, or you will become tired, stressed, and overwhelmed.

Involve family members and close friends who are willing to help, as this will take the pressure off you. Every person has a different skillset, so delegate tasks to people according to their experience, skills, and abilities.

Choosing an Appropriate Venue

Your choice of venue is a vital aspect of your winter wedding, and it will depend on how many guests you invite, the general style or theme of your wedding, the budget you have available, and personal preference. Finding a suitable venue for your big day is especially important when planning a winter wedding.

Depending on where you live, winter is potentially a time of unpredictable weather, and this is something to consider when planning your venue. In winter, an outdoor location may not be the best choice.

Winter wedding reception

If you do get married outdoors, then you must make sure there are places to shelter. Likewise, if you use a marquee for the party, you will need to add heaters.

Even if you choose an indoor venue, you will probably need to ring around because many places have multiple bookings for work Christmas parties or festive celebrations at this time of year. It is advisable to book the venue as early as you can in the planning process.

Food for a Winter Wedding

The food that you serve should reflect the time of year.  Most people will not feel like eating salads and cold sandwiches. Instead, opt for either a hot sit-down meal or a hot buffet offering a choice of hot dishes, such as hot pot or lasagne.

Similarly, many people may feel the need for a warm drink, so consider serving hot beverages alongside the usual bar. You may also keep the cost of your winter wedding reception down if you choose food made using seasonal ingredients, as these are cheaper than out of season foods.

Winter wedding food

Color Schemes

Many brides who marry in winter prefer to have a winter color scheme and theme for their winter wedding. Popular choices include white, red, silver, and gold, as they are typical colors associated with winter.

However, there are no set rules dictating the compulsory use of these colors. You can choose your favorite color for the color scheme if you prefer.

The color scheme is something that will run throughout many aspects of your wedding, including bridesmaids dresses, flowers, and table decorations.

Sending Invitations

Try to avoid sending your invitations out at the last minute. It is worth bearing in mind that there are often delays in the postal service over the Christmas period and New Year, due to an increase in post and time off for holidays.

Take this into consideration when posting your invitations, as you must leave enough time for your guests to receive the invites and respond.

Winter Wedding Flowers

These days, most flowers are available throughout the year. However, if they are not in season, they are likely to cost more. If you are trying to keep your winter wedding costs to a minimum, it is worth considering which flowers are in season over the winter to save on the cost.

Your choice of flowers should complement the rest of the color scheme, and check that the flowers carried by the bridesmaids will look good against their dresses.

An alternative to using flowers for table decorations is to use twigs arranged in jars. You can spraypaint the twigs in gold or silver, or adorn the twigs in some way, such as using ribbons or beading.

Winter wedding flowers

Clothing for a Winter Wedding

Even if your wedding is indoors, you are likely to spend some part of your wedding day outdoors. Therefore, you need to think about how you will keep warm throughout the day.

If the bridal gown is sleeveless, your arms are the first body part that will start to feel the cold. Consider having a shawl, cape, or bolero jacket that you can wear for some parts of the day to keep you warm.

Similarly, consider the comfort of the bridesmaids throughout the day. You could get them matching bolero jackets, shawls or capes to wear while they are outdoors.

Winter wedding dress

Planning a Winter Wedding - The Final Verdict

There are some additional considerations when planning a winter wedding compared to a wedding in the summer months. Many of these relate to the colder weather.

However, the costs of various elements of your big day can also vary according to the time of year. Any extra expenses are something to remember when budgeting.

Hopefully, these tips will help to plan an enjoyable and memorable day.

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