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Are you planning a destination wedding in Spain?

According to statistics, roughly 71,000 Britons go abroad to get married, and Spain is a top destination choice. Its warm climate and rich culture make for the perfect backdrop to any dream wedding.

However, planning a destination wedding can be a little more complicated than holding one’s nuptials on home turf. Although it’s well worth the extra planning, there are a few important things to know.

Make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch and keep reading for our top 5 tips for planning the perfect Spanish wedding.

wedding venue in Barcelona

1. Find the Right Venue

One of the first things to do when planning the perfect Spanish wedding is to select your venue. In Spain, you’ll be spoilt for choice. From beach-front wedding venues to romantic rustic fincas up in the hills and countryside, there are literally hundreds of gorgeous venues to look at.

What most couples do is book a short trip over a weekend to come and tour the venues that have caught their eye online. If you do this, make sure that you make appointments with the venues beforehand.

Don’t book your flights before you have done this. Some wedding venues are so popular that it might be impossible to visit them on short notice, especially during wedding season, which runs from May to October.

2. You Might Want to Do a Civil Service on Home Turf

If neither you nor your betrothed are residents of Spain, you might want to consider carrying out the legal side of things back home, either before or after the official wedding ceremony.

Although Spanish law technically allows for two foreigners to get legally married, some autonomous communities in Spain may interpret this law differently. In these areas, you can only marry in a Catholic Church, and one of you must be Catholic. You will also need to complete certain paperwork and liaise with both your priest back at home, and the priest at the church you want the ceremony held at.

If you opt for this route, make sure you check the specific dress code of the church and ensure that your own wedding dress code aligns with this.

Wedding in Spain

3. Factor In the Heat

Spain’s sun-soaked climate is one of the top reasons why many Britons choose to say “I do” this side of the channel.

However, many brides and grooms forget how warm it can get in the middle of the day. Make sure you factor in the heat when planning your dress code, wedding dress, any floral wedding decor, and your bouquet.

The last thing you want is to arrive at the altar drenched in sweat, with a drooping bouquet, and wilted floral decor.

Instead, tap into the expertise of local planners and wedding tradespeople. For instance, consult your florist on what flowers will perform best in the heat.


4. Pick the Perfect Music

Picking the right music for your big day is another essential step. The wedding music you choose will set the tone and atmosphere. The right music will make your wedding day memorable and special.

Although you can have segments where you put on a playlist or let a DJ handle things, we’d also recommend you incorporate live music into the most special parts of your wedding. Such as during the ceremony itself, or for the first dances.

5. Don't Check Your Dress Onto the Plane

Our last hot tip is to never check your dress in with your luggage in the hold. Instead, include it with your cabin luggage. If your luggage gets lost or delayed, this will save you from landing on the other side sans your wedding dress.

Survey results show that 40% of couples categorize wedding planning as extremely stressful. The last thing you want to deal with is a missing wedding dress on the eve of your big day.

perfect Spanish wedding dress

We Are the Perfect Spanish Wedding Music Choice

Now that you have our top tips for planning the perfect Spanish wedding, we wish you “feliz boda”!

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