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They say when you meet the love of your life, time stops and music plays. You may get tongue-tied and have a case of the butterflies. When you marry the love of your life on your wedding day, those same feelings often return. They’re often more intense.

After you walk down the aisle and say your “I do’s” like the other 61 million Americans who get married, it’s time to dance and celebrate the unity. Latin music can enhance the love in the air on your wedding day.

How can it achieve that? Please keep reading to find out why it’s a live music service you don’t want to miss.

It's a Love Language Anyone Can Feel

Latin is one of the world’s oldest languages, but it is also one of the most spoken and most romantic. Every word is like butter with this passionate, sensual language. Did you know Spanish, which originated from Latin, is also the language of Romans? You can’t see romance without remembering Romans now.

Latin truly served as a language of love and romance back then as it does now. As a descendant of Latin, Spanish continues to build this overall romantic reputation. It does this through culture, poetry, art, and most importantly, music.

History is a beautiful thing when it comes to understanding language and what makes it so enchanting.

Latin music wedding dance

It's the Language of Music

Latin music and dance go hand in hand. When you have a wonderful song with the help of a guitar, you have a beat everyone will love listening to, whether they understand the language or not. Latin music offers a sense of freedom that allows words to flow. It’s impossible not to want to join in and drink when you hear Latin.

Latin, and the language derivative Spanish, are made of softer consonants and longer vowels compared to other languages. This allows every word to flow easier while creating a rhythm when making music. Latin has a multitude of accents and dialects that all have a unique way to say romantic words like “Te Amo” or “I Love You.”

There's Emotion

When you hear Latin, it often seems like the person is speaking with intense feelings even when you take the lyrics and the meaning of a song away. The emotions you feel when you listen to Latin music cannot be translated even if you were to put it in English.

It is not the same. Your wedding music should include songs that strengthen and resonate the love you have for your partner. It is also something your guests should be able to feel. Latin music has a way of speaking to the body as well as the mind when you listen to it. The emotions of love you hear from the music and the singer are something couples can feel.

Couple first dance

Everyone Can Dance To the Melody

A wedding is a party. It is the celebration of two people who are now once. The best way to celebrate this unity is with music everyone can dance to.

No matter what Latin wedding packages you choose from (for the ceremony, reception, or entire wedding), you will have an unforgettable wedding that captures the happy romance you want your day to be.

After you complete the formalities and documentation to get married, planning for the event comes next in priority. You and the people you invite will be able to have a good time on your wedding day based on where you go and what you do. Asides from location and decor, your guests will remember the food and music choices you make the most.

Couples who decide to hold their wedding in a Latin country have a wonderful experience from the location too. You get a better feel of Latin music, food, and drinks when you go to a Latin country.

latin music dance

It Stirs the Romantic Side in You

There’s nothing quite like Latin music that can get you off your feet to dance. There’s nothing like Latin music that can stir feelings you have and let your partner know with whispers and body language. Latin music can spark that romantic side of you.

Sometimes all you need is a little music to get you to do that. During your wedding, you will be able to exchange the love you have with your partner through dance. Those feelings of romance will show. As you listen to music, it will seem as if you and your loved one are the only two people in the room.

The right songs can make you feel several emotions at the right time: love, appreciation, happiness, care, and amazement. You take the music you listen to and transfer those feelings into the now you are experiencing—the love you have.

Latin music couple dance

Have the Perfect Romantic Wedding With Latin Music

When you tie the knot with your partner, it may be one of the happiest and most memorable days in the world. Asides from your partner, it’s the people you invite and the music you play that make your wedding day one to remember.

Going to a Latin country, like Spain, to get married is a wonderful way for interracial and international couples to understand and feel a part of their partner’s background.

If you have a wedding day coming up, contact us for Latin music and come to the beautiful city of Barcelona. We offer live music performances for everyone to enjoy.

We mix Latin rhythms, like salsa or bachata with popular artists like Bruno Mars. With us, you’ll be able to hear the music, feel the love from each beat, and get swept off your feet.

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