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Your wedding budget – it’s probably the ugliest and least fun part about the big day.

You have to figure out what you can spend, and, sometimes, it means you can’t have everything you wanted. Ask yourself the following questions to figure out what you can/should spend, and how to actually stick to it.

Start the wedding budget page in your wedding binder with our tips below.

Determining the Wedding Budget

If you want to figure out your wedding budget, first, look at your own finances. Then, you need to ask your partner what they have saved up. If you don’t have joint bank accounts already, that is.

Then, you can ask your family members if they’re planning to contribute. Traditionally, the wife’s family pays for the wedding while the groom’s family pays for the reception dinner.

But now that weddings cost as much as they do (the average is 30,000) a lot of families chip in evenly or along with the engaged couple.

Put Down Deposits in Cash

When you secure vendors for your wedding, they’ll ask for deposits. Some are refundable, some are not. But putting down a deposit means you’ve booked them for the day of your wedding.

If something goes wrong and you need your deposit back, it’s a lot better to get a handful of cash than to wait days for it to go back on your credit card.

Having extra cash on hand will keep you from scrambling to put a deposit together for the next vendor you choose. In wedding planning, anything that reduces stress is the right choice.

Don’t Add on Extras

While it’s cute to get extra things for your wedding, like fancy chairs for the bride and groom table, don’t add anything on that you don’t have to.

The fifteen dollars here and ten dollars there quickly add up to an extra thousand dollars.

Wedding package deals are the best way to go, usually – that way everything is included and you know what you’re paying. There can still be little surprises, which you should plan for – but packages are the most predictable.

Don’t Skimp on The Band – or the Photographer

There are two main things people will remember about your wedding. The photographs (physical memories) of your wedding, and the experience.

The music at your ceremony sets the ambience and mood for the entire reception. If you skimp on it and don’t hire a large band, people will notice.

Spend the money to get a live wedding band, or you’ll regret it.

Keeping it In Check

Say no to guilt when it comes to your wedding. If someone gets their feelings hurt that they didn’t get an invite, reach out to them and tell them how much you love them. Then tell them that the costs are adding up and you have to keep things small.

If they’re already married, they should understand. If they’re not, they’ll get it when they start planning their own wedding budget.

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