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Did you know that around 1 in 4 couples have a destination wedding?

If you’re also considering throwing an exciting getaway ceremony, you may be wondering where you can find a step by step wedding planning guide.

Want to learn how to plan a destination wedding? Keep reading for some expert tips that make the process much less stressful.

How to Plan a Destination Wedding: Start with Logistics

The most important step in planning a destination wedding is not to get overwhelmed in the early stages. Instead, break things down and work on one thing at a time. Good places to start are as follows:

  • Pick a date
  • Set a budget
  • Think of a few potential locations
  • Make a rough draft of your guest list

Once you’ve brainstormed, you can start researching prices, marriage laws in that country, and scope out some venues online. When you get a good feel for each place, it should be easier to make more solid decisions.

Wedding Venues list

If money isn’t an issue for you, it can be helpful to hire a wedding planner for your destination wedding. They can walk you through each step and do all of the heavy lifting. With this option, you have more time to enjoy this exciting step in your life.

How to Book a Destination Wedding: Guests, Attire, and Other Details

Once you have a date and location, it’s important to send out save-the-dates and wedding invitations as soon as you can. This will give your guests enough time to scout for airfare and hotel deals.

If you want to keep your wedding party together, you should communicate with a few local lodgings and see if they offer group discounts.

Destination wedding invitation

You’ll also want to make sure you, your partner, your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and anyone else in the ceremony has their outfits picked out. You should also set aside a day to shop for each other’s rings.

If your destination uses a different currency, it’s wise to exchange some before you start traveling. This can help you avoid hefty fees and give you a sense of security.

Destination Wedding Planning Guide: Work with Locals

In order to save money and make wedding planning easier, it’s best to work with locals. If you don’t hire a wedding planner, you’ll have to research the best live musicians, photographers, florists, caterers, and any other services you want. Reading online reviews is a reliable way to guarantee stellar results.

Wedding musicians

If you have a little extra time and resources, it’s worth visiting your wedding location to meet with local companies and vendors before the big day. This can help you smooth out all the details and have peace of mind that everything will go just as you dreamed it would.

Ready to Find Musicians for Your Wedding?

Now that you know how to plan a destination wedding, you can start looking forward to the happiest day of your life.

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