Barcelona Music and Entertainment Ideas For Corporate Events.

Did you know that 81% of businesses use events as a part of their marketing strategy?

Everyone likes a good event. There’s plenty of entertainment, you meet new people, and events are overall lots of fun. Corporate events also bring another benefit — the chance to make more sales!

But the way you prepare your event depends on the event’s success and a core factor is booking the entertainment and music. The right music can make any event more exciting but booking the wrong band can make your event lackluster.

This is especially important if you’re booking your company event in Barcelona, Spain. Here are some Barcelona music ideas to host the corporate event of the year!

Barcelona corporate event

Take Requests

Everyone wants to hear their favorite song. Whether your guests want to hear Beyonce or Bruno Mars, the band you book should offer all types of music. But how do you know the band can play what your guests want to hear? 

Before booking the band, ask your attendees what kind of music they like or what they want the band to play. Ask the band if they can play the requested music.

Or, find a band that offers a diverse catalog or takes requests from the crowd.

Events music artists

Choose Soothing Background Music

Is your corporate event more upscale and less of a party? Don’t settle for awkward silence or a DJ with no corporate experience. A live band can still make the most prestigious event a lively one with a little background music.

For example, a guitar and violin duet serves as the best background music.

These instruments can also be played acoustically, so speakers can be heard, and guests can talk among each other. If you prefer jazz, a jazz band can play all of the jazz hits throughout history.

Live concert

Match Your Soundtrack to a Theme

Does your corporate party have a theme? Make sure the music matches the theme!

For example, if you’re hosting a beach-themed party, a jazz band may sound a little weird. On the other hand, a jazz band will perfectly compliment a 1920’s-themed corporate event.

Theme music party

Your Entertainment Should Be Interactive

What separates a professional musician or band from an amateur? They’re interactive!

If you’re looking at a band, watch their previous live performance videos. See not only how well they perform the music but how they interact with the crowd.

Keep in mind, it’ll be difficult for a violin player to shake hands with the crowd in the middle of playing a song. But you can look for other interactive elements, such as smiling to the crowd and speaking to guests in between each song.

interactive music show

Book Barcelona Music for Your Next Event!

Are you planning your next corporate event? Don’t settle for awkward silence or a cheap DJ. Barcelona music will add that extra oomph to your event.

Are you trying to find a band to perform at your next corporate event? We have experience playing both corporate events and weddings! Contact us today and we will discuss pricing.

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