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If you’re hosting an event, don’t forget to book live music! Two-thirds of music fans between the ages of 13 and 49 attend concerts globally.

As an event organizer, do you book the first band you find? There are qualities of a hard-working and talented band as well as logistics that you have to handle. Here are tips when booking live music for an event.

Only Hire Experienced Bands

Sure, you may trust the friend-of-a-friend who knows someone who can play the guitar. But should you hire that person at your event? When hiring bands, focus on the professionals.

Professional bands provide more benefits than just sounding great.

They know how to get the crowd moving and entice your guests to have a good time. You’ll also experience fewer bumps down the line and experienced bands are usually easier to work with.

Even if you have a limited budget, entertainment is what creates a memorable event. Don’t be afraid to splurge on a talented and fun band with professional performance experience.

Live concert in Apolo

Sample the Band’s Music

The best bands have a catalog of their music available on their website or social media pages. They may even have a YouTube channel with past performance videos.

You can sample the band’s music and get a feel for their soundtrack and the style of music they perform. For example, in Spain, you’re likely looking for Spanish music. Look for bands that can play Spanish music genres.

Special Requests

What if you sample a band’s music, you like what you hear, but aren’t a fan of the soundtrack? Consult with the band and ask if they accept requests or if you can create a custom playlist.

This is especially important if you’re hosting a wedding. The best wedding bands respect that this is your special day and you want to listen to music that fits your tastes.

You may also want a soundtrack that fits with a specific theme. For example, if your event falls on the holidays, you may want a band that’s willing to play holiday music.

Singer and bride

Volume Control

The last thing you want at your event is a noise complaint. Professional bands can work with your area’s sound and decibel requirements, ensuring the crowd is rocking all night while staying compliant with local noise laws.

In addition, a professional band may have a professional sound engineer who can properly mix the sound and keep it at the optimal volume. Smaller bands may not have knowledge about this or volume requirements.

With this being said…

Sound mixer

Ask About Their Sound System

Music gear includes more than just the instruments and microphones. Professional bands have a full array of gear, including amplifiers, PA systems and speakers, and other gear such as stands and risers.

If you’re hiring a guitar player for Spanish guitar music, they may have specific guitar gear that you need to accommodate. Some bands even have their own lighting rigs, fog machines, and other gear.

All of these factors result in the best sounding and looking performance that you can expect at your event.

Many artists include the gear they use on their website, including any endorsements they have. If a band doesn’t have this information, ask them about their gear and conduct some research to ensure it’s top quality.

Live band stage


Any professional band should have excellent communication skills. They should stay in touch throughout the whole process.

This is especially important during the planning process; you’ll have to work out the logistics such as how big the band is and the location where they’re performing. The band should provide honest information in a quick manner.

Dress Code

Any band should abide by a specific dress code. This shows respect and professionalism.

Dress code is especially important for wedding bands. For example, if you have an overly formal dress code, the band must wear a suit or formal gown.

What if you have a casual event or even a unique one where everyone wears a costume? Be sure to explain your dress code so the band knows what to wear.

Take Venue Type, Size, and Guest List Into Consideration

Sure, you may want a multi-member band that plays the top hits of the day to perform at your event. But if you’re hosting an event comprised of seniors, you’ll be better off hiring a solo guitar player.

You’ll also want to take venue size into consideration. If your event is intimate and is held at a small venue, an eight-member band is probably not the best idea.

Venue type is also something many event organizers overlook.

Live music in a boat

Let’s say you’re getting married in one of Spain’s beautiful beaches and want to hire a band. You’ll have to find a way to get a stage and electronics to accommodate a live music setting. Otherwise, you’ll have to see the band perform at another venue.

There are also other considerations when hosting an outdoor event. For example, if it rains, you have to ensure the band, their gear, and all electrical components are properly covered.

Heat is also a big consideration; it gets hot in Spain, you’ll want to set up shade for your musicians so they stay comfortable.

Hire Live Music in Barcelona

No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, live music always makes everything better. But one slip up can ruin any performance. The band you hire should be professional, experienced, and should be easy to work with.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to look far for a band. If you’re looking for live music in Barcelona, contact us today. We can play any event, including weddings.

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