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Most couples in Spain love to have a live wedding band for a wedding reception. The energy and fun that comes with hiring the right live band make the event unforgettable.

If you are about to tie the knot in Spain, you need to add a live band entertainment on your budget. But how do you find the best wedding band? In this piece, we will highlight a few time-tested tips to help you choose the right band for your wedding. Here they are:

Check Your Venue

The size and shape of your venue can determine the live band you invite for your wedding entertainment. Does your venue have an excellent platform for live band performers?

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Do you have to sacrifice the guest space for the band? These are some of the factors you should consider. If the area is not a limiting factor, you can select a wedding band that can accommodate six performers.

You can invite a band with fewer artists if your venue is not big enough. The management of your venue can help you find the right band because they know the ones that can fit in the venue.

Pay Attention To Your Guest List

Wedding bands in Spain focus on different styles of entertainment. While some sing rock or hip hop music, others play country, jazz, folk, swing or blues. Most couples make the mistake of choosing a wedding band based on their musical tastes and preferences.

It is essential to keep in mind that there will probably be a mix of the old and the new generation in your wedding reception venue. There will be children, parents, grandparents and your age mates.

Find a live band that plays music that your guests would want to listen to or dance along. Although you may not please everybody, each guest should enjoy at least one song specially performed for them. Ensure the band you pick is flexible and adapts to the needs of the guests to keep them entertained.

Performance Duration

Most bands perform quite well over a short duration, but their performance deteriorates when you extend the period. If you want to entertain your guests for several hours, you need to choose a wedding band that can maintain constant energy levels throughout the performance.

How do you evaluate the performance? You can seek referrals from your friends and watch the recommended band in action.

Even after singing for hours, the group needs to adapt to the changing mood of the audience and play guests’ requests whenever possible. When your guests get tired, the wedding band should lift their mood with favorite songs.

Live band for corporate events

Quality of Live performance

When searching for a wedding band, pay more attention to the quality of entertainment rather than the cost. While you don’t want to stretch your budget, you need to make the best day of your life memorable with the best entertainment.

Local pub bands may charge lower rates but may not meet the standards of professional wedding bands. Hire a live band that has performed in different wedding ceremonies in Spain for the best outcomes.

Setup Time

Instrument setup and sound check require time. Bands with the advanced systems may take a shorter time than those with the old systems. You should consult widely to ensure you choose a wedding band that doesn’t take too long to set up the entertainment systems.

What If A Disaster Strikes?

The unexpected could happen on your wedding day. Your preferred wedding band may fail to turn up, and you might struggle to get a suitable replacement in the last minute. This is something you should consider when hiring the wedding band.

You should ensure the contract protects you from last minute disappointments. Professional wedding bands usually have a network of performers. They have backup systems and teams of performers on standby to address any crises.
They also carry replacement material for any type of incident with sound equipment or instruments.

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Licenses And Insurance

In Spain, wedding bands may need appropriate permits to engage in various entertainment performances. They also need to observe sound restriction rules and music copyright regulations.

It is crucial to understand that not all wedding venues permit live bands without the necessary permits. You should also ask if the group has insurance cover for injuries or property damages that may occur during the performance. The professional wedding bands have the necessary permits and are keen to observe the regulations in place.


Finding a reliable wedding band without stretching your budget can be a challenge. You need to understand what determines their rates to identify the best deal.

Wedding bands in Spain charge their services based on their popularity, performance duration, distance to the venue among other factors. You can always weigh the options and compare prices to find the most suitable and affordable band for your big day.

Your wedding band will influence the mood at your wedding reception. Choosing the right band doesn’t have to be a tough task. If you are planning a wedding, the tips highlighted above can help you find the best live wedding band in Spain without stretching your budget.

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