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According to research, music is the UK’s most popular form of entertainment, and 98% of people listen to music at least once a week.

If you’re planning a corporate event or wedding, music is an essential ingredient. And if you really want to create a beautiful atmosphere, live music is the way to go.

However, picking out the right live music for a wedding or event in Spain can be tricky. Do you go for a band that specializes in Spanish music, or one that covers pop songs?

The music you choose will set the entire tone of your wedding, so it’s important to pick carefully. If you’re not sure what type of band to hire, keep reading to learn more about The Cuban Trio.

Cuban Trio for weddings and events

The Traditional Cuban Trio Offers an Intimate Experience

If you want to create an intimate experience for your event or wedding, The Cuban Trio is the perfect choice.

A trio is small enough not to grab centre stage and take the spotlight off the focus of your event, while still offering a richness of sound that a single musician cannot.

Although the Cuban Trio will add an intimate touch to your wedding or event, they still come with all the technical capabilities of a large band. Including professional equipment and a fine-tuned stage setup that delivers maximum sound quality.

To make sure everything is perfect, we will also schedule meetings with you so we can undertake detailed planning around the event. We will also visit the venue in person where the party is to going to be held to make sure that all details are worked out before the big day.

The Cuban Trio Is Perfect for Warm Weather Sophistication

If you’re planning a destination wedding or an event that people need to travel to, the last thing you want is to recreate an experience you could have had at home.

Instead, you probably want to embrace the warmth of the Caribbean and reflect this in your event. If you don’t want to go for a typical Spanish wedding, booking the Cuban Trio is the perfect middle road.

The Cuban Trio will add a touch of the Cuba to your occasion. The Latin thread that runs deep through Cuban music will also tie in perfectly with the backdrop of Spain.

Wedding cocktail whit live music

The Cuban Trio Combines Irresistible Latin Rhythm With a Variety of Music

Whether you want to dance to popular salsa songs or current hits infused with a Cuban flair, the Traditional Cuban Trio has you covered.

We specialize in a wide variety of traditional Cuban and Latin songs, and we also play versions of more modern songs from artists like Niña Pastori, Alejandro Sanz, Rosalia and Luis Fonsi.

If you’re looking for more of a pop selection, Calle Habana can also provide this. From Bruno Mars to Michael Jackson, we have a fun Latin take on the most popular wedding songs that will get your guests’ feet moving.

Grooms couple dancing whit cuban trio

You will be working with Top-Level Professional Musicians

Relax and enjoy the music, you will be working with top-level professional musicians. The Cuban Trio consists of full time musicians who have all graduated from the best conservatories in Havana, Cuba.

They have extensive experience in all kinds of national and international events and have performed in the main music venues in Spain.

Do You Want to Book The Cuban Trio?

As you can see, the Traditional Cuban Trio is the perfect choice for anything from destination weddings to corporate events.

If you want a professional, elegant, and fun musical trio, we are the people to speak to.

Contact us today to discuss your destination or event.

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We are Calle Habana, a professional music band specialist in performances for weddings and events for more than 15 years. We are passionate about everything related to the weddings and entertainment world and enjoy every minute that we share our music with all of you.

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