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Hands up if you want to know more about the exciting dance and music form of Bachata. If your hand is up, you’ve come to the right place. The history of Bachata is riveting, saucy and controversial.

Learn all about the Latin American music genre known as bachata and the saucy dance that goes with it!

Bachata Dance in the Street 2019

Who Invented Bachata?

It’s important to acknowledge who invented Bachata. It’s thanks to these people that we still get to enjoy this fabulous dance and music today.

Bachata is a dance and music style from the Dominican Republic. It’s known to be centered around themes of romance, heartbreak and loss. Throughout this article, keep in mind that Bachata literally means ‘party’. This will assist you in gaining a full picture of the essence of this sexy dance.

In terms of the music, the electric guitar dominates the main melody. Its upbeat nature lends it to success in clubs, especially recently.

However, back in the day, the dance and music form was born in the brothels and bars of the lower class. The government heavily censored Bachata and it was almost entirely done away with as an art form.

Luckily, after the Trujillo dictatorship ended, censorship was lifted and Bachata began to flourish again. Today, people dance to Bachata music for special occasions, such as weddings.

History of Bachata

Bachata music history is rich and layered. It also has a controversial side, as it was often marginalized and censored by various factions of the community.

In fact, it was only after the Dominican president, Rafael Trujillo, was assassinated that the first Bachata song was recorded. During these days, Bachata music received very little attention from the media. It had little to no TV or radio play and it was widely disregarded by mainstream media.

Along with this, many Bachata songs weren’t recorded because the people dancing to it didn’t have video cameras. For these reasons, Bachata music was under-rated and underplayed.

It’s popularity only began in the 1980s and then only spiked post-2000. More recently, the Latin dance community has helped make the music more accessible and mainstream. As you can see, the history of Bachata isn’t a simple one.

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What is Bachata?

As we’ve mentioned above, unfortunately much of the history surrounding Bachata dance has gone undocumented.

The dance was inspired by Bolero. Today, the traditional Bachata basic step is very similar to Bolero. These days, the dance is danced widely throughout the world but not identically.

The basics of the dance include a three-step with a Cuban hip motion. Following this, on every 4th beat, there’s a tap and a hip movement. During the dance, the knees should be slightly bent allowing the performer to sway their hips more easily

This hip movement is central to the dance and it forms the essence of Bachata. The upper body moves much less than the lower body, with the hips doing the most work throughout.

The Next Steps

After reading this article, you should know more about the rich Bachata origins. Of course, there’s always more to learn.

There are many ways to improve your knowledge of Bachata, if it’s something you’re interested in.

For more information about this spectacular art form, please contact us. We’re more than happy to guide you through the process of getting closer to Bachata. We believe everyone deserves to experience this unique music.

Enjoy this Bachata list 2020!

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