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Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue!

You may feel used to the same old traditions back home, but Spanish wedding traditions are a little different. While they don’t throw the bouquet, they do use something interesting to cut the cake.

If you’re intrigued, read this quick guide to find out which traditions you may come across at a traditional Spanish wedding.

Are you ready? Let’s eat, drink and get married!

A Traditional Spanish Wedding

A traditional Spanish wedding usually follows Catholic traditions. Many opt for a church wedding and a reception afterward. The amount of guests ranges from a small reception with close friends and family to big gatherings with 200+ guests.

It depends on the couple’s choice on whether they have the ceremony morning or night. But the party usually goes on into the early hours of the morning. Spanish wedding traditions involve a lot of dancing, after all!

The Wedding Party

At a traditional Spanish wedding, arrangements for bridesmaids and groomsmen are quite different.

In Spanish weddings, couples have a godmother and godfather standing by their side. Their chosen godparents have typically known them their entire lives. Some even choose their parents to take on this role.
And that’s it…No flower girls, no page boys, no maid of honour, and no best man!

Spain wedding couple

Which hand for Wedding ring in Spain?

Another Spanish wedding traditions that may differ from back home is that Spanish women wear their wedding ring on their right hand. But the engagement ring is on their left hand. Also, most wedding bands are simple in style and made of pure gold.

wedding rings

Same Surnames

At a Spanish wedding, you may notice that their names don’t change after marriage. Wedding traditions in Spain dictate that when a baby’s born they get two last names, their mothers maiden name and their father’s last name.

And they keep that name their entire life, even when they get married.

Confetti Time

As the couple leaves the ceremony, guests line up outside to throw dried rice or rose petals. This symbolizes both fertility and prosperity for the newlyweds. Surely this is a fun Spanish wedding traditions that you will want to try!

Bye Bye Tie

Another Spanish wedding traditions is to cut the grooms tie or brides garter up into pieces and sell to the guests. The tradition was originally to raise funds for the newlyweds. But now many just do it for fun!

Cutting the tie

Gifts All Around

It’s traditional to take a gift or give an envelope with money inside to thank the bride and groom for your invitation. They, in turn, hand out small wedding favours to their guests.

Traditionally, they used to hand out cigars to men and a pin to women. But now many couples opt for something more personal.

spanish wedding tradition

Fun for Kids

Kids are more than welcome to Spanish weddings. Some couples even hire an entertainer to look after them. Many couples arrange activities and prizes at the kid’s table to keep them preoccupied throughout the party.

Cut the Cake

Spanish wedding cakes aren’t as fancy as the 12 tier cakes you find in the US. But the way they cut the cake may surprise you.

Instead of a humble knife, they use a huge sword instead!

Cutting the cake

Getting Paid for Your Honeymoon

One of the best Spanish wedding traditions you’ll have total envy for is the time off they receive for their honeymoon. By law, they get 15 days of paid honeymoon leave!

wedding in spain

Which Spanish Wedding Traditions Will You Try?

Whether you’re planning a destination Spanish wedding or you’re a guest, enjoy the cultural change and get into the spirit of things. And now you know all about Spanish wedding traditions, you’ll be ready for anything.

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