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Barcelona is the second-largest city in Spain, and the most visited. It’s a beautiful city and an excellent vacation spot.

It’s also the perfect place to celebrate, whether you’re having a birthday, an anniversary, or a wedding. It’s also not hard to find a live band in Barcelona, in case you want your party to be something very special.

A lot goes into finding a good live band, though. How do you know the band’s going to be any good? There’s no screening process or background checks to get into a band.

The duty of finding a decent, trustworthy band falls on your shoulders. The good news is that we’re here to help. We’ll offer some advice on how to choose the right band in this article.

Understand Your Guest List and Venue

This may sound like strange advice, but knowing your guests and what they’re into may help you choose your music. While it is your party, and most of the music should be your choice, other guests might get annoyed if nothing they like is ever played.

It may be a good idea to throw something in to keep your guests happy. It’s also important to think about your guests’ limits, and the event you’re hosting. For instance, metal music may not be a great choice for a wedding, especially if you have a lot of religious friends and relatives.

Calle Habana live band Spain

Band Experience

It’s always best to hire a professional band when looking for live entertainment. While amateur bands may be more affordable, they’re largely untested. We’re not talking about the quality of the music when we say this, though that’s also a factor.

A decent party, and a wedding especially, is going to take quite a while. You may know of some incredible bands, but if they’re not used to playing for extended periods, they might not be a good choice.

Wedding receptions often last four hours or more. Four hours is enough to tire anyone out, especially if you’re working constantly. Don’t choose a live band who hasn’t performed at this kind of venue before.


Why are you hiring a band? They’re there to play music, but to what end?

Is it supposed to be background music? Do you need something to dance to? Are there other things you’ve decided to use music for?

The purpose of the music is going to help decide when they play and for how long. Background music for the wedding ceremony will need to be played for about an hour.

Dance music for the reception will be played for far longer, and most likely far louder. Using the same band for both is more likely to tire the band out. Using one live band for it all is probably not the best place to save money.

Wedding Music Infographic

Are you planning your wedding music with a live band? Take a look at this handy infographic:

Music infographic
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When it comes to dancing, the band will also need to know a few traditional Spanish dances, and what music goes with them. You’ll also want to learn a few of these dances yourself.

Wedding live band Barcelona


We’ve already mentioned that the cost shouldn’t be your biggest concern when hiring a live band. That being said, it’s something you’ll want to consider. Just because you can go over the top doesn’t mean you should.

You don’t need a full orchestra for a birthday party, or even a wedding. A simple three-piece band with a singer and a few instruments should be enough.

You might want to make sure one of those instruments is a Spanish guitar. The guitar was invented in Spain, and it’s a staple of traditional Spanish music. It’s only natural that one would be included in a Spanish celebration.


Flexibility comes into play a lot when hiring a live band. Events of any kind often require precise planning to ensure that everything goes as planned. The final result of this will be that nothing goes as planned.

The truth is that no plan will take everything into account, and you probably shouldn’t try. Many people perform better with a looser schedule, and musicians are among them.

A lot goes into putting together a successful music performance. The band needs time to get ready. They’ll also likely want room to improvise and do their own thing. Many bands take requests, and having every song chosen for them would make that difficult.

Corporate events Live Band


The band is going to be a major part of your event, so they’ll need to be there during the planning process. While you shouldn’t ask them about centerpieces and seating arrangements, you should get their input for all aspects of music.

For this to work, you’ll need to be able to communicate with them effectively and efficiently. Most bands will have contact information on their website. Once you’ve gotten in touch with them, you’ll need to work out how you’ll stay in touch.

Ask any questions you feel like you need to ask. Most bands will be perfectly happy to answer them. If it makes you feel more comfortable hiring them then everybody wins.

Hiring a Live Band in Barcelona

Many different events can be improved by booking a live band. Every major city has its music scene, but one of the best places to look for live music is in Barcelona, Spain.

Regardless of where you’re hosting your event, though, it’s important to look into who you’re hiring and why. Knowing the band and how they perform best will help you make your event that much better.

We’ve mentioned a few things to look into in this article, but there are more out there. You may want to look for other factors to consider, just to make sure you’re prepared.

If you want more information on Spanish music and how to book bands please visit our site. We can tell you all about our band to make you more comfortable and cut down on your list of questions.

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