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Did you know that the quality of the DJ and their music sets the tone for your marriage? No? Okay, we’re kidding :D.

But seriously, your wedding DJ will determine just how well your wedding ceremony will go. To a large extent, they’ll set the tone of the wedding event and reception. A great DJ is an unforgettable one.

They’ll help fill your day with laughter, fun, joy, and merriment. More importantly, they’ll make sure that you have the wedding of your dreams “music-wise”. In short, the DJ’s single biggest job is to “get the party started” and keep it going for as long as possible.

This is why you must choose the right DJ. And to do that, the following are questions to ask your wedding DJ before hiring them:

What's Your Music Style?

More importantly, can you play songs that matter to us? This is one of the most important questions to ask your wedding DJ. In fact, it’s the first one to ask.

If the music style isn’t suited to your taste or your guests, chances are your wedding event will be a flop. So, don’t wait until your wedding to find out.

Make sure that they play your preferred genre. If possible ask them to play some tracks for you. And if they can’t at that moment, see if they can provide you with sample performances.

What's Your Repertoire for Various Events?

Some bands are great at cocktail wedding receptions. Others are amazing at the full wedding event. This is important because you want a DJ that has a wide selection of songs, enough to last through the entire event.

You don’t want a DJ that keeps repeating tracks or playing a different genre just because they’ve run out of songs from your preferred genre. So, make sure they can handle your needs.

Wedding DJ

Match Your Soundtrack to a Theme

And if you can’t you should ask them if they can send you a demo or video of them performing at a wedding event. This is part of the questions to ask your DJ.

Of course, their ability to indulge you will depend on them having a gig before your wedding ceremony. Most DJs don’t mind because they know new couples want to see what they’re paying for.

But because the timing may not be convenient, particularly if you’re flying in, the best thing would be to ask for a recorded event. Most, if not all, DJs, have this.

What's Your Payment Structure?

This is top on the list of questions to ask your wedding DJ too. It’s important that you have an idea of what they’ll charge to perform at your event. This is so you can include their rates in your wedding budget.

Also, see if they’ll take part payment upfront, with the balance on the day of the event or afterward. Most DJs are open to this and are reasonable.

Are These All the Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ?

No these aren’t all the questions to ask your wedding DJ. But they’re about the most important ones. The rest just build on these ones.

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