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Who says your first dance has to be a slow romantic song? Go ahead and show off your fierce and passionate love with one of the most beautiful dances in the world, the Salsa.

There are so many options to choose from! You can choose Salsa songs in English so all the guests can understand the words. Or you can choose a Salsa version of a popular English song.

Of course, you can also choose a traditional, beloved Salsa love song or one that is new and fresh.

Make sure no one is sitting down at your wedding with this list of 5 Salsa songs that will have everyone dancing.

1. Tu Vida en la Mía by Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony is king of romantic salsa love songs. A popular choice for a first dance is Tu vida en la mia ( your life in mine ).
With the loveling crooning voice of Marc Anthony and the steady rhythm of the bass, this is a first dance to remember.

2. You Are My Home by Chayanne and Vanessa Williams

With lyrics like, “You are my home. You are the shelter I run to” what could be better than this song for your wedding dance?

A little slower and with less bass than most salsa, it still has plenty of Latin flavour.

3. Que Locura Enamorarme de ti by Eddie Santiago

On any list of top salsa songs, you will find Eddie Santiago on the list. Que Locura Enamorarme de ti is so much fun to dance to. Prepare to get your heart rate up with this catchy tune.

And the lyrics expressing a love that spreads like fire is perfect for a salsa wedding dance.

If you don’t use it for your first dance, make sure you have this song on your playlist for the open dance. People will jump out of their chairs the moment it comes on.

4. Anhelo by Adolescentes Orquestra

Anhelo means longing. And what better way to start your marriage than by declaring your undying longing for your beloved?

With lyrics that talk about wanting to open her soul and declaring that her lips are soft as a canary’s wing, you can’t go wrong.

The melodic rhythm of this romantic salsa love song is a traditional favourite that will melt every guests’ heart.

5. Thinking Out Loud (Ed Sheeran Salsa Remix)

Ah, Ed Sheeran. What could be better than an Ed Sheeran wedding dance? How about a Salsa remix of Thinking Out Loud?

The lyrics have been translated into Spanish with the occasional English phrase thrown in for good measure.

If you’re going to choose a chart-topping love song for your first dance, change it up by choosing a salsa remix that will surprise and delight your guests.

Final Thoughts on Salsa Songs for Your Wedding

There you have it! 5 romantic, popular salsa songs that you can choose as your first dance or any dance at your wedding.

Now, do you want to make your special day even more magical? Hire a live wedding band to croon out the words of your special song.

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