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More than half of Europeans speak more than one language. Many people speak three or four languages. That’s why you may want to enjoy music in two languages. Bilingual songs allow you to enjoy the mixing of cultures and languages together.

Are you searching for bilingual songs for your next event? Check out our 5 examples below. Let’s go dancing!

1. Despacito

Latin music is more popular than ever before. No song better encapsulates this than the song “Despacito.”It was released by the Puerto Rican duo Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee in 2017.

The song immediately dominated the singles charts around the world. Just when you thought it couldn’t get more popular the Canadian singer, Justin Bieber got involved.

The remix single was released later in 2017, which became a YouTube hit. The song was widely considered to be the song of the year.

It was also the first time that a largely Spanish-language bilingual song reached number 1 in the US since 1996.

2. Promise

The Romeo Santos and Usher song “Promise” was released in 2011. This beautiful tune shows the potential of bilingual songs.

Not only does the mix of languages, but it also combines music traditions. You’ll be able to spot bachata influences alongside R&B beats.

The song was extremely successful in Latin Charts. The music video, in particular, received a lot of plaudits with its imaginative images.

3. Sangria Wine

The American singer Pharrell Williams is famous for his 2013 hit “Happy.” However, he showed his talent when the performer teamed up with the Cuban-American Camila Cabello for the song “Sangria Wine.”

The song was released in 2018 to the excitement of eager fans. It blends salsa with American pop music. You’ll also pick up elements of reggae music in the track.

Cabello shows off her vocals in both English and Spanish languages throughout the track. The “back-and-forth” between the two artists is playful and fun.

4. Michelle

Did you know The Beatles did bilingual songs as well?

The 1965 album Rubber Soul featured the song, Michelle. It appeared that the English-born band couldn’t express themselves on love without French.

It won The Beatles praise in French-speaking countries following its release. For example, fans in Belgium and made the track a number one hit.

5. Party Poison

My Chemical Romance opened with an intro in Japanese in their 2010 song “Party Poison.” The track’s name was borrowed from the frontman’s alter-ego, Party Poison.

The intro to the song was performed by Airi Isoda. The Japanese women’s lyrics were added after the song was finished. Isoda also closes the song.

Bilingual Songs for Your Event

There are so many amazing bilingual songs. It’s not easy to choose which ones you want at your event. But, our list is a great start to put together an awesome playlist for your guests.

Are you a bilingual couple getting married?

You could combine both of your languages together. Check out our guide to planning a bilingual wedding in the blog post here.

Bilingual Songs Playlist

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